About Step into Life Group Outdoor Personal Training

At Step into Life Group Outdoor Personal Training, we’re convinced that the key to a happier, healthier lifestyle is regular exercise.

Step into Life launched in Melbourne in 1995 as Australia's first Group Outdoor Personal Training program.  It was the culmination of years of research and industry experience.

We believe that people mould the success of others, not exercise machines. Fitness must be people driven! The combination of exercise within a group and in the fresh air, not only motivates the person to stay on track with their health and fitness, but also serves as an important role towards their total wellbeing. As human beings, we all want to be socially active, feel safe and have a sense of belonging. Step into Life Group Outdoor Personal Training provides the opportunity for that to flourish.

Since 1995 we've grown to become the market leader in Group Outdoor Personal Training in Australia, with over 100 locations nationally.

Our Values

Personal & Individual
We strive to gain a clear and realistic picture of each individual’s personal fitness goals, and then match our programs to help them succeed. We do everything in our power to deliver the desired fitness outcomes of every individual.

Promises = Progress
We make a promise to every individual that through Step into Life they will have access to a range of world class fitness programs, tailored and delivered to help them each achieve their own long term fitness goals. We are our word – we keep our promise and proof is the progress... in every action, we take that leads to the positive results we see every day.

Community, Collaboration & Commitment
We value our strong connections and aligned vision we share with our franchisees, members and local communities. We cherish, protect and develop those relationships wherever and whenever we can.

Fun, Fitness & Results!
We believe what we do matters. We are dedicated to promoting fitness in a fun, friendly and effective way. We love to contribute to healthier, happier lives and this is reflected in everything we do.